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    • Catering

    • Wrap Tray

      $13.25 per person

      A simple but delicious tray featuring ham, turkey and vegetarian wraps. Also comes with a side salad.

    • Manicotti Entree

      $13.25 per person

      Two manicotti with marinara sauce, a side salad and rolls.

    • Baked Ziti Entree

      $13.25 per person

      Baked ziti entree with a side salad and rolls.

    • Mac & Cheese Entree

      $13.25 per person

      Macaroni & Cheese with a side salad and rolls.

    • Quiche Entree

      $13.25 per person

      Quiche entree and a choice of a side salad or fruit salad.

    • Pierogie Entree

      $13.75 per person

      Four pierogies roasted with red peppers, broccoli and garlic butter. Comes with a tossed salad, two dressings and rolls.

    • Chicken Entree

      $13.75 per person

      Chicken roasted with red peppers and provolone cheese. Accompanied by a side salad and rolls.

    • House Sandwich Tray

      $13.75 per person

      This option includes your choice of three of our house-made scoops (egg & olive, curried chicken, tarragon turkey or tuna salad). They will be accompanied by sliced tomatoes, lettuce, a variety of our fresh, homemade breads and salad.

    • DIY Sandwich Tray

      $14.25 per person

      Let your guests make their own perfect sandwiches with our sandwich tray! This option includes ham, roast beef, turkey, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, assorted cheese and condiments, and a variety of our fresh, homemade bread. You may also choose one side: side salad or chips.

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